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12-18-2016, 11:09 PM
My Story With Popads.Net-

Popads.net review- it is a popular advertising network for pop up ads, may be you know about this advertising network or may be not, does not matter, actually couple of days ago I have singed up with Popads.net for advertising on my first blog that is a education portal blog of India www.instituteofindia.com (http://www.instituteofindia.com) for increasing my earning.

As you know I do not put advertisement on this blog, because I have some target for this blog, after achieving that target I will put advertisement on this blog.

So, here is the thing for you, for what you are looking, most probably you wanted to know is this a legit advertising network or scam advertising network.

Then the answer for you, this is a legit advertising network.

Yes this is it!

Click Here And Get Instant Approval (https://www.popads.net/users/refer/66158)

I have already share with you Popads is one of the legit network and of course I have earned over $593 from this network but the story is here, it was a time when I was searching for best alternative to Google Adsense in India, in that rarely we found any article related to this, even these you can not find out such article for only Indian bloggers, so I did that job and there are more than 1000 publishers has been able to monetize their blog.

I am really happy because of that, see I have already shared lot of things about Popads here like-

Popads is a legit network
It is one of the top 68 website in the world
I have help more than 520 publishers to monetize their blog through popads, I am really happy because of that.
You can easily increase your earning through popads
Popads payment proof number of times

And there are lot of things I have already share with you guys, but here I am going to share with you how I have been able to reach that target, I am sure there are still many bloggers those even don't earn $10 per month, for them I will suggest just go with Popads and try to get organic traffic to their blog through content marketing, that is one of the amazing way to earn money from blog.

Okay, one day I was just browsing internet with one of my colleague, of course he is an intelligent and must say amazing hard working person, that's why he is working as a deputy manager in a top notch company in the world and in sales department one of the dynamics department, because in this department you have to be responsive, otherwise someone will go ahead you.

So, in that day I just opened popads account and suddenly I have seen about $34.67 and that was the wow moment for him, because in that time I was not having that much experience in blogging niche, but yes after seeing that much amount he really appreciate my work and asked many questions about blogging and about earning money from blogging.

After that moment I have realised the power of internet marketing and blogging now a days I am giving my best to get best out of it, these days I am experimenting a lot and hope will get good result soon.

So, the lesson I have learnt from that moment, use technology to enhance your life style and these days I am earning that much money that I don't need to work anymore for my entire life but yes I am not stopping here because my dream to help 1000 people will able to do the same through me and I am sure this will become in reality very soon.

Big Lessons I have learnt from Popads-

Help others and of course increase your network
Be a hard worker and do something different like Popads the only network which started paying out their publishers daily, but these days there are many (This is my own personal observation)
Keep growing and that is why today Popads is ranking on the top and frankly say I am really happy because of that.

Popads.Net Review 2016 With Another Milestone In Earning I.E. $218.63-

Well, I have already share with you that I have got paid number of times from Popads.net that means it is a legit network and it really take care of their readers that's why this network got attention from advertisers as well as from publishers in short span of time.

I am a publisher of this ads network and I have earn a new milestone And I am really happy to share with you such things.

I wanted to see that someone will earn more than me from Popads.net and that person would be my blog readers this much potential this ads network have. If you have potential then just get started with this ads network and see the world of possibilities to earn money from ads network.

Well, here is the payment proof of it that's why you will be depending on my words-
https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-sA8cpYspzPI/VeWrRR2Yf2I/AAAAAAAAB3M/AjGvPH9_M6A/s320/Popads.net%2BReview%2B2015%2BTotal%2BEarning%2BReport.png (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-sA8cpYspzPI/VeWrRR2Yf2I/AAAAAAAAB3M/AjGvPH9_M6A/s1600/Popads.net%2BReview%2B2015%2BTotal%2BEarning%2BReport.png)

Okay Now Let Me Tell You About Popads.Net-

It's a simple advertising network for bloggers, website owners but this advertising networks is not like PPC(Pay Per Click Network), because if you will place PPC ads on your blog, when readers will click on ads you will get paid.

But in case of Popads.net it's totally different, they will pay you per visitors, visitors just don't need to click on anything, whenever they will browse your blog, you will get paid.

Of course their paying rate is quiet high than any other advertising network as I have used till now, specially if you are getting traffic from English speaking countries.

That's why I am writing this article, that you can also earn good money from your blog, healthy income, I did a very good experiment with Popads.net and Adf.ly.

Here is that- Popads.net and Adf.ly Together in Your Blog (http://www.bloggerhowtoseotips.com/2013/07/popads-net-and-adf-ly-together-to-increase-revenue-of-a-blog.html)

Now it's big time, finally I am going to show you the screen shot directly from my Popads.net account, that's why you would be sure about it, that I really make more than 50$ from Popads.net, here is the screen shot of it-
https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-1ib91jCFAqg/UwsRy0xU78I/AAAAAAAABA8/zWJx1yetWfY/s1600/Popads.net+Review-+Earned+50$+from+Popads.net.png (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-1ib91jCFAqg/UwsRy0xU78I/AAAAAAAABA8/zWJx1yetWfY/s1600/Popads.net+Review-+Earned+50$+from+Popads.net.png)

Popads.net Review- After Earning 50$

Here is another proof of earning $100 from Popads.net, I really thank to Popads.net for this- its just awesome you must try it out-
https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-lyNBM25cI3M/VAyFB77CT6I/AAAAAAAABUc/gJtkl_SsQvI/s1600/Popads%2BPayment%2BProof%2Bits%2B%24100.png (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-lyNBM25cI3M/VAyFB77CT6I/AAAAAAAABUc/gJtkl_SsQvI/s1600/Popads%2BPayment%2BProof%2Bits%2B%24100.png)
Popads.Net Unique Security For Users

Today, I got something new on popads.net, well they have upgrade one of the best unique security systems, which help you to provide secure user experience, at least I have not seen such type of security system till now, here is the screen shot of it.

https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-tRyvCiFPQ58/U98qciNZuOI/AAAAAAAABR8/2pwpmtAQ7CU/s1600/Popads+Security+for+Users.png (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-tRyvCiFPQ58/U98qciNZuOI/AAAAAAAABR8/2pwpmtAQ7CU/s1600/Popads+Security+for+Users.png)
Now- Its A Milestone $100 From Popads.Net-

Few, week ago I have earn only $50 from popads.net but today I am happy to tell you that I have cross $100 from popads.net.

If you are still, did not join then go for it, very soon I am going to upload its payment proof below, okay I will suggest you to keep reading this article to know more about this ads network.
The Best Thing About Popads.Net-

Popads.net paid well, no doubt about this, at least I don't have, if you have then even you will not have after using this advertising network for your blog.

Now, I am going to share with you, the best thing about Popads.net, if you have read about any other advertising networks in the internet world, at least I know advertising networks those paid once at least in every 30 days.

But in the case for Popads.net they paid every day.

Even you don't need to wait to have minimum 100$, not even 50$, not even 25$, not even 10$ in your Popads.net account balance.

It's only 5$ minimum balance you need to withdraw your earning to your Paypal account.

I hope you liked the most.

Because, when I first heard this, I got surprised from their paying service to their advertisers, I will strongly recommend you to use this network from today only and see the improvement in earning of your blog.
The Journey With Popads.Net As A Publisher-

Success Story from This Ads Network- It’s been long time I did not update this blog post after earning more than $200 in a month I was thinking why not to update this blog post with a success story, actually I must say I am concentrating on blogging to make my blog more popular because of many of my earning and inspirational sources I have, but Popads.net ads network also one of them.

Actually, I have something to share with you if you really wanted to become good bloggers then there are certain rules you need to follow-

Learning is everyday
Sharing is everyday but something new
Networking also play important role for improving itself and it helps, be stick to competitive world
Lets enjoy writing see not only money but yes we are here to help each other and internet is the best medium to help maximum number of people
Make a group for starting blog [If you want to start a blog with own hosting then I will suggest you to go for Runehost, because its been using by me and its simply affordable, easy to use and of course they have awesome support team- RuneHost India (http://runehost.com/)] and keep improving your blog and keep helping each others if you will do it then it will become easier to make a blog very popular in short period of time
Be active in social networks that’s why you can get connected with your followers easily and be connected for forever
Find the out a reason to start a blog and keep doing it and of course make a proper plan for doing it because only proper plan help you to succeed in this because outside there is great competitors are standing.
If you wanted to start multiple blogs then you have limited time to invest then hire someone who is good in writing.
One of the great achievement I did not share with you till now that is one of my blog readers who has implement my tips and tricks to increase his blog revenue and today he is earning much more than before because of only my tips and tricks.That was one of the amazing moment for me when he shared his story with me and he did it because of my blog posts and that is just awesome.

Popads.Net Review For Affiliate Marketers/Advertisers-

Well its been few days I was thinking about writing this topic here because it is also necessary to write for advertisers, affiliate marketers and those wanted to advertise their products online on Popads, no doubt Popads.net is one of the popular ads network in the world and since I am working with this ad network this is growing superb, my known people spend thousands of dollars for promoting their products or even affiliate products and of course they got pretty goos ROI, but I will suggest you few things before going to advertiser on this network even any other network, so are you ready to learn the amazing tip, I hope so, okay lets go-

See does not matter in which type of product you are promoting everybody is not going to buy it.
So, what next? You need to collect their e-mail address and build a list for promoting the next product for free
Question is that how to build list? Simple contact me or go for Get Response because I am using for promoting products and of course it is free for trial, click here and get it (http://www.getresponse.com/index/ujjwalkumarsen), I can tell you hundred of reasons to join this e-mail marketing company but only one reason is sufficient that is I am using it.

PopAds.net Review- High CPM Pop Ads Network


PopAds Network at a Glance
This is one of the types of top pop under ads network in the world, even I have been using this ad network for my blog.

User Interface
Simple and easy for beginners to use

Payment Proof
I have earned over $590 from this ad network, that means this is a legit network

Time Duration to Get Payment
After applying for payment I usually get payment within one working day

Ways to Get Payment
You have multiple options to get payment but I prefer through Paypal

Minimum Threshold

My Personal Experience
Well, this is the ad network which let me remain in blogging and today I am helping thousands to do the same.

Approval Process
It’s easy and very fast

Type of Ads Network
Pop under ads network

Alexa Ranking
It’s worldwide alexa rank is 220, think about its popularity in the world

Overall Rating
9.2/10 as a publisher

Click Here to Join Popads.net Today (https://www.popads.net/users/refer/66158)
When I think about recommending any ads network to my pro service subscribers, I always think about Popads.net because its really worth it, if you are getting very high traffic in your blog then don't forget to use this network on your blog because it is really going to get your revenue on the top that is for sure.

I hope you find out a lot about Popads.net, but may be still you have any question regarding this ads network then don't forget to ask me question through commenting below.